"If You Are Working with Gas, You SHould Be Working With weldcoa."

Brandon Mathis, Operations Manager with Hemp Solutions


a long standing, proven industry leader in cryogenics, liquids and compressed gas

Brandon Mathis at Hemp Solutions

We are a US manufacturer that designs, engineers, manufactures, programs and tests our equipment and automation in-house. Since 1968 we’ve engineered solutions, manufactured equipment, and provided uncompromising service to our customers, who use gases in the production of their products. 

The equipment we built decades ago is still operating today, doing what it was intended to do and more. Clients that made initial investments have continued to engage us in the development of additional solutions to grow their businesses. 

Regardless Of The Scale Of The Solution We Provide, You Can Expect: 

  • Quality manufacturing
  • Performance testing
  • The use of advanced technologies
  • Training and Support 
Weldcoa only succeeds when you do. We can help you achieve your goals and maximize your returns."
Hector Villarreal, President and Co-Owner of Weldcoa

If It Involves Gases, We Can Help. 

Our history of innovation has always been driven by the needs of our customers. As new applications for high pressure gases, cryogenics, high pressure liquids and supercritical fluid began to emerge, we met the challenge with effective solutions to deliver on the growing demand in emerging markets. 

Constant innovation has become our hallmark, one which our customers have grown to depend upon, and so can you. 

We’re Focused On Your Success. 

Weldcoa works because we’re focused on your success. Everything we do is driven by our motivation to improve your business. We can help you achieve your goals and maximize your returns. 

We Go The Extra Mile. 

It’s in our nature to be curious. We truly enjoy investigating, learning, developing, testing and creating solutions for any application involving gas. Our cross-disciplinary team of experts bring an in-depth knowledge of gases to every project. You can count on their passion and commitment to make your project a success. 

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Weldcoa Only Succeeds When You Do

We want to partner with you, providing real long-term value.